Welcome to the website of the Belgian Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

This site should become the new official portal for Belgian plastic surgery. We aim to provide clear and specific information:

To the general public
To the media
To members of the Society
To Belgian and foreign health care specialists
To our privileged commercial partners

A few specifications:
With regard to the language: most information on the site is available in three languages (French, Dutch and English). Information specifically geared at health care specialists and members of the Society, however, is available in English only.
Certain (restricted) information is accessible to members of the Society only (recognised Belgian plastic surgeons) using a login name and password. If you are a member but have not received your password, you can send an E-mail to the webmaster who will be glad to contact you. If you are a member but have forgotten your password, you can obtain a new one by means of the “Member” area by clicking on the link “LOG ON” in the top right corner of this page.