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Natural Beauty is Still On Top


It was time to go home. I placed my money well and I was just to start the taxi cab. It was not a very bad day. I had some money, compared to the previous day. “So, should I keep into my breast pocket or…?” I thought. Suddenly, the right back door was opened, then the left one, then closed. The guys were inside. As I wanted to turn, the pistol was on my neck. “Don’t turn!” a heavy voice said. “Get the money on my hand, quickly!” he roared. I got all the money and gave him, without looking back. They laughed and one said, “Give him one dollar to fuel his car.”

I took my new boyfriend to our family reunion to meet my family. Since we were going out of town we were going to spend the night at my parents’ house. Everyone liked him and made him feel welcome. That night, after everyone was asleep, he snuck to my room and we were innocently sitting on the bed talking and laughing about how much fun watch my gfs tube had been. Out of the blue he starts quietly serenading me – or so we thought. At the end of his little number THE ENTIRE HOUSE BURST INTO APPLAUSE! He was so embarrassed he nearly died!

In the plane I saw the woman of my dreams. I didn’t expect to see her again, just tell her that she is very beautiful. She smiled and said she did not hear anything like that for ten years. We got to talking. She didn’t mind I am huge fan of DarkX scenes. It turned out that both of us are thirty-something, we both have never been married, none have children and we live at a distance of about six kilometers apart. We set a date for the next Sunday, when we’re both back home.

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The Rise of Plastic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery is significantly more common today than it used to be, and that trend is only going to continue. In some social circles, getting plastic surgery is practically part of growing up, which is only going to normalize this trend even further. However, certain countries practice cosmetic surgery far […]

Top Plastic Surgery Schools in the World


Today, plastic surgery is one of the most lucrative fields especially for those who are aspiring to become doctors. Many people usually associate the field with cosmetic enhancements but what many people don’t know is that the field has included a range of therapeutic and reconstructive procedures. In order to […]